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Thread: Guns found at Louisa High School

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    Guns found at Louisa High School

    I understand that they found long guns but it demonstrates well that the offensive GFSZ laws and zero tolerance policy's must be completely done away with.

    Hunting guns found at Louisa High School

    Greg Dorazio The Central Virginian
    11/30/2011 5:08:38 PM

    During the hunting seasons of an earlier era, it wasn't unusual to see the parking lot of Louisa County High School full of trucks with shotguns stored on gun racks.

    But those days are over...

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    This is the kind of case that they invented Jury Nullification for.

    I hope if it comes to that, these folks are smart enough to demand a jury trial.


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    "...two LCHS students are facing serious consequences for leaving hunting weapons in their vehicles parked on school property."

    In Virginia, is it illegal for anyone to take a firearm onto school property?

    If it is...these boys are guilty of breaking the law.
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    "We have to charge them by Code," Lowe said.
    Why? Seems like a good case for some discretion. Hunting season, unloaded shotguns visible inside car racks? What's the problem.
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    The article linked isn't complete, & I can't find any other reference to this incident.
    According to the Louisa County Sheriff's Office, firearms were discovered in two student vehicles during a November 19 sweep of the parking lot... Law enforcement conducts such checks on an occasional basis.
    According to Code section 18.2-308.1, possession of a firearm on school grounds constitutes a Class 6 felony.
    However, the section also sets out exemptions which include "a person who possesses an unloaded firearm that is in a closed container," which "includes a locked vehicle trunk."
    Another exemption exists for those who have "an unloaded shotgun or rifle in a firearms rack in or upon the motor vehicle."
    So were they in the locked trunk, unloaded?
    If so, how did the cops find out they were there? (Forcing random kids to waive their 4A rights?)
    And if so, WHY were the kids charged, since they were following the law? (Oh, wait...)
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    According to the Louisa County Sheriff's Office, firearms were discovered in two student vehicles during a November 19 sweep of the parking lot at Louisa County Middle School, the three-days-a-week post-quake home of Louisa County High School. Law enforcement conducts such checks on an occasional basis.
    So police regularly conduct 4th Amendment violating "sweeps" in Louisa?

    Just like a report like this to leave out the details indicating that weapons were in gun racks. Otherwise, the students could only be coerced to allow police access to their vehicles if there was evidence of a crime being committed. Last I checked, having a firearm in a firearms rack was not RAS to see if the gun was loaded any more than stopping someone for carrying a firearm to see if they are legal to possess one.
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