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Thread: Hanes Mall-- winston salem

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    winston salem

    Hanes Mall-- winston salem

    A very good friend of mine from NCGO just informed me of a GFZ at the hanes mall in winston salem, i hope that i am not double posting this here, and he hasnt already posted this.. hopefully he will see this post and tell the story of what happened here when he was OC'ing at the hanes mall...

    anyhow, here is the letter that i sent to the mall today, and i hope that many of you will do the same to let the mall management know that we will not stand for this treatment of legal gun owners...

    To whom it may concern:

    It has recently come to my attention that you do not allow legal Conceal Carry Permit holders to bring their hangun into the mall with them, this is a direct violation of my constitutional rights, and makes the mall a dangerous place for shoppers, as criminals dont care about the signs that you have posted on your doors.

    I am boycotting any and all shopping at your mall untill this policy is changed, and you allow gun owners to protect themselves in your establishment, also, it is state law that allows me to carry a firearm either openly or concealed, so untill you comply with that state law, I will spend my money elsewhere....

    I will also be spreading the word to other gun owners through the internet, via email and several other gun rights websites so that other legal gun owners can join me in this boycott..

    Don O....
    Concerned Gun owner... shopper.
    here is the malls email address

    please help us in supporting this boycott

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    I applaud your efforts but one thing in the letter catches my attention and will probably catch theirs:

    " it is state law that allows me to carry a firearm either openly or concealed, so untill you comply with that state law, " should be different. Laws tell us what we can't do. There isn't a law that say's they have to let us carry in their establishment.

    Now because of their policy, I haven't stepped foot in that mall in a couple years now and I won't until it is changed. There are way too many hoodlums in Winston and they like to hang out at that mall and Four Seasons. I go to neither. Good luck with your attempts.
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    hey JEEPGUY, welcome to i've seen you on NCGO.

    seems like W-S is a black hole for self defense in general. hoping GRNC does follow through with their law suit against the city
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    i you call a CHP a CCW then you are really stupid. period.

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