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Thread: Out of the ordinary

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    Out of the ordinary

    Not your ordinary robbery.....

    Teen homicide suspects have criminal histories

    Tyler, a customer at the BP station, was killed about 8:15 p.m. Friday, Nov. 25, inside the store. According to court papers, Smith and Hamiel arrived at the BP together on a single scooter and followed Tyler into the store.

    Tyler, 48, had a concealed-carry permit, but his handgun was plainly visible that night in his holster, Johnson said.

    "The suspects walk in and one immediately reached for Mr. Tyler's gun," Johnson said. Tyler did not draw his weapon.

    Like always there is a lot we don't know here. Just because one person says it was plainly visible doesn't mean the kid saw it. They followed him to the station so presumably he was in a car and they wouldn't have seen the gun. There is no indication whether he might have known them or how they targeted him.
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    What a horrible and senseless tragedy!

    We must keep SITUATIONAL AWARENESS, first and foremost, in our minds at all times when out in the public domain.
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    I want to know what kind of holster the guy had. It would also be interesting to know more about the situation in general.

    "According to court papers, Smith took Tyler's gun during a struggle and shot Tyler in the chest after the victim chased Smith inside the store. Authorities said they could not confirm that Tyler was killed with his own gun until they get the results of forensics testing. They also are awaiting test results to show whether the gun used to kill Tyler was the one used to shoot Cosby."

    Was there a struggle and the gun was then taken during the struggle? Also the victim chase the guy with the gun? This makes a strong case for a BUG. We also don't know for sure if he was shot with his own gun.
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