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Thread: Open Carry Climate in Arlington

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    Open Carry Climate in Arlington

    Hi, this is my first post on

    I am a student at Carnegie Mellon University. I am graduating in a few weeks and have accepted a position in Arlington. I will be moving down there within a month, and I was wondering if anyone has ever OC'ed in the city.

    I am a member on PAFOA (a PA forum) and have OC'ed about 4 times in Pittsburgh without any negative encounters. However, the vibe I got from Arlington is that everything is sort of upscale and I have a feeling that the population might be quite liberal since it is so close to DC.

    Does anyone have any OC stories about Arlington or about what the climate is like for OC there? Also, are there any local restrictions that I should be aware of? (I think I read something about a magazine capacity restriction in Arlington County.)


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    Welcome to OCDO and Virginia.

    Plenty of OCers in and around Arlington. All in all the Arlington area is an interesting and friendly place to live, though the conservative values are more dominate the further south you go.

    Virginia localities are preempted by state law regarding firearms.

    For stories/experiences about that area go to:

    The magazine restriction that applies is more than 20 rds is illegal if you do not have a permit in larger metropolitan areas - they are specified.

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    Welcome aboard! I spend some time on PAFOA myself.

    Please let me know if I can assist you with any training needs.
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    Welcome aboard and congratulations on your up-coming graduation.

    It is true that the closer you get to DC, the more left-leaning are the demographics of the area. Arlington is not a city; it's a county and as such is the smallest county in Virginia. Effectively, Arlington is the remaining southwest corner of Washington had there been no river between them. The enclaves of Arlington, Falls Church, and Alexandria are more likely to have people who might stare and even say something not only because of the greater number of lefties but also because of the population mix. There is a high percentage of people from other parts of the nation and the world in these close-in areas and most are not accustomed to being exposed to people exercising their Virginia rights. But the chances of having a negative encounter are kind of rare. You should be fine.
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    Thanks for the info, guys. That is very encouraging. I'm looking forward to moving down there.

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