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Thread: Cwp instructor training

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    Cwp instructor training

    Anyone know where in Greenville area I can get SC Cwp instructor training? Tx in advance

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    CWP Instructor Training

    Sorry dadpharm, there is no formal CWP Instructor Training in South Carolina. You need to contact SLED Regulatory and find out what you need to submit to them to become certified. I can tell you that the first thing required is that you must be a NRA Certified Handgun Instructor or a Police Firearms Instructor. You must also develop and submit a course syllabus covering everything in Title 16 and Title 23 that is pertinent to the laws, operation and carriage of concealed weapons and to the questions on the written test. There is a $100 fee and the Instructors Certificate is good for 3 years. Good Luck. Bill

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Thanks to the GOSC-NRA Loonies

    Thanks to the GOSC-NRA Loonies for disabling GRGRSC's CWP instructor support that enabled my certification.

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