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Thread: Indiana home owner walks in on house being robbed.

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    Indiana home owner walks in on house being robbed.

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    "A Pierceton man is recovering from gunshot wounds in the Kosciusko County Jail after he was beaten, chased and shot by a Silver Lake couple he tried to rob for the second time Friday."

    I just love a story with a happy ending!
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    I guess this would be a case where chasing after a fleeing felon -- and shooting out a tire to stop the getaway vehicle -- is okay since a felony had been committed and a citizen can act in order to apprehend (make a citizen's arrest?) the "suspects" who were seen to have committed said felony.

    And I guess it was okay to shoot the "even-though-fleeing" felon since he turned to fire on the homeowner. Even if it weren't okay (legal) though, that's the way to "take a bite out of crme" -- no conversation, just shoot them (forget that "McGruff the Crime Dog" nonsense).

    A fairly happy ending indeed, but not completely satisfactory as the two losers are both still alive...and soon will be back on the street to do it again, and again.

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