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Thread: Another victim at Virginia Tech's gun free campus

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    Another victim at Virginia Tech's gun free campus

    Shots were fired Thursday on Virginia Tech's campus, the university announced on its website.

    Another victim at Virginia Tech's gun free campus. Officer down~no armed defenders... Our prayers are with the victims and the unarmed students
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    But but but it's a gun free campus!! I thought the psychotic criminal would at least check the rule book before he headed out the door to murder someone on the campus.. It's not like gun laws/rules only take guns away from law abiding citizens whom just want to protect themselves. Crazy.. Let's continue to not allow students to arm and protect themselves.. That sure seems to be working now.. We will keep doing what we are doing and maybe there will not be a shooting for the 3rd or 4th time at our school.. One of these days the criminals will start following the rules and not carry guns to crimes because we wrote it in the rulebook!

    Obviously being sarcastic there... These people are just F'N morons!

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