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Thread: Republicans Whisper about ignoring a referendum but SB 58 is too "contentious"

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    Republicans Whisper about ignoring a referendum but SB 58 is too "contentious"

    Emergency manager law being revamped

    This frustrates me about many in our legislature. They tell us that bills like HB 4009-4010 and SB 58/59 are too contentious for them to act on. At the same time, they start whispering about how to ignore a citizen driven ballot referendum to repeal a law they recently made. I'm not saying I support the repeal of the emergency manager law but if you ask me which is more likely to get legislatures recalled (ignoring a referendum or passing "contentiousness" CPL bills), I'd say the former.
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    This is why I suggested getting people who will do the job into those offices, and sending the whole lot of them home.

    You were right, we cant just send them all packing, we have to get people in place to take over first.

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