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Thread: To those who attended the Marysville OC event last year...

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    To those who attended the Marysville OC event last year...

    Okay, sounds kinda funny, but remember at the Marysville event, someone brought some absolutely AMAZING tamales from Mexicantown in Detroit?

    Anyone know where they got them? I now work in Mexicantown from time to time, and I'd love to get my hands on some more. I've tried a few places and they're not as good as the ones I had at our Marysville event.
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    Lightbulb Hmmmm.....

    These were brought by Savage.Detroit (user name). I know he said they came from a place near him but I cannot remember the name of the establishment. He has not been on this forum in quite some time. I agree with you they were very good. If I'm ever in Southwest Detroit and stumble across the place, you'll be the 1st to know Mal.

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