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Thread: VCDL MEETING in NoVA - Mason Govt Center in Annandale - Thursday 12/15/11

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    VCDL MEETING in NoVA - Mason Govt Center in Annandale - Thursday 12/15/11

    Thursday 12/15/11 - Mason Govt Center - Large Conference Room

    Meeting Schedule (Unless Otherwise Noted Above):

    7:30 - 8:00 pm -- Informal Gathering
    8:00 - 9:30 pm -- Meeting
    9:30 - ?:?? pm -- Informal Gathering at a Local Restaurant

    The meetings will be held at one of the following locations as indicated above:

    Mason District Governmental Center
    6507 Columbia Pike
    Annandale, VA 22003

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    I'm hoping to get an early start home from Blacksburg on Thursday so that I can make it to this meeting. If I'm not mistaken, Fairfax Co. Clerk of the Court, John T. Frye is supposed to speak. I have a question or two I would like to see him answer, like why Fairfax is still "requiring" a self-addressed, stamped envelope and why it seems that Fairfax always uses up all 45 days that the law allows, while most other jurisdictions can turn out permits much faster. I can't help but feel that they see the 45 days as a waiting period that they get to impose on us, their subjects.

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    The SASE is for your convenience, they will mail the permit to you so you don't have to take time off work, fight traffic, drive to the courthouse, pay for parking and pick the darned thing up. You don't have to provide the SASE if you plan to go to the hassle of picking it up from them at the courthouse.

    I don't think they are delaying permits as a defacto waiting period. My first CHP (2006) arrived at my door on day 30. My recent renewal (2011) took 21 days to arrive at my door.

    The only thing I have issues with is providing 3 copies of everything, that's their job (making copies) not mine.

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    That was pretty much the same way it went with getting mine. About 30 days but when I dropped it off you need three copies so ran down to their library to copy them.

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