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Thread: Google Censorship?????

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    Google Censorship?????

    I am a member and open carry as often as possible. I read the forum updates daily. I use google to watch posted video of open carry encounters. Until today! My normal google search did not return the same results. I tried different terms to get the video's i am use to seeing, but they never showed. Is it just me or has someone else had the same issue?
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    not censorship, but tailoring of results by person, location etc. I've noticed the opposite, when I search gun related things pop up alot.
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    I have until recently searched for snipers hide forums using google. Yesterday when I did the same I got a "unsafe link" page when following the google provided hit. I bypassed it and had no problems. Don't know if this isolated incident or not. It sounds ominously similar to your recent experience.

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    Herr Heckler Koch
    I use G00gle through an intermediary that strips all of the personally identifiable material from a search request - thus depriving G00gle of the grist for their mill. The intermediary is being regularly blocked recently. G00gle is feeling the pressure.

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    Did someone change your Google search parameters? When searching videos, there is safe search, moderate, and unfiltered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herr Heckler Koch View Post
    G00gle is feeling the pressure.
    Thats funny.
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    Much ado about nothing. Many sites are flagged erroneously as being unsafe. In fact, Google once flagged the entire internet as being unsafe.

    Sometimes it's just a coding mistake. Other times it's a site that has had unsafe content associated with it. Maybe a troll posted a lot of malware links in the comments or similar and a google bot discovered them. So the site is then automatically flagged.

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