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    new here

    Hi all I just got signed up so I wanted to say hi and I wanted to ask a question, are there any open carrier's in Montana ?

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    Welcome to OCDO!! Stick around and you will learn a lot!!

    Your question is probably best directed towards the Montana sub-forum found at the link below:
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    +1 Welcome to the forum.

    Moved the thread to the Montana sub-forum for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah Patterson View Post
    Hi all I just got signed up so I wanted to say hi and I wanted to ask a question, are there any open carrier's in Montana ?
    Hello Jeremiah,

    Welcome to OCDO (OpenCarry Dot Org). I used to live in MT (Flathead Lake Area) and several times throughout the year make travels back to MT. I know there are others in MT on this forum that live and carry in MT. However, they do not travel these forums very often.

    Since I travel to MT fairly regularly I know the MCA (Montana Code Annotated) in regards to firearms, audio/video and obligation to identify pretty good. If you have questions I will help the best I can to clarify. Other Montanins will likely make there way around to the question when they do visit.

    I would suggest reviewing MCA Chapter 45 Section 8 for all firearm related laws.
    I would also suggest (even if open carrying) applying for a Permit to carry concealed weapon which can be applied for at your county sheriff office.

    If you have any questions feel free to post them.

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