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Thread: Decent open carry experience today

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    Decent open carry experience today

    Went to Ross off of coors and paseo today, and when me and my girl were checking out the cashier asked if I was off duty. I told him no and that I was carrying for self protection. He said "i didnt realize you could do that". I then explained to him that new mexico is an open carry state and that it was legal as long as there weren't any signs posted stating no firearms. he then started asking about what kind of firearm it was and seemed quite interested. It was nice to see someone that didnt freak out over the sight of a gun and to be able to inform about our local laws. This was the first time anyone had even noticed or said anything about me carrying. Just thought I'd share.

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    I agree. I like when I get to educate people on our great gun laws! Most people are unaware they can open carry to protect themselves and their families. I think most people just assume open carriers are cops and that's why it rarely gets brought up in conversation.

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