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Thread: taurus g2 24/7 9mm

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    Post taurus g2 24/7 9mm

    First off I would like to introduce my self as im new to the fourms.I would like some others opinion's on this gun this will be my first handgun.I was also looking at the XDm 9mm.I have a friend who has the taurus PT 92 and think it would be a better choice then the other two.I wont be CC much would like to OC when ever I can(still reading the OC law)

    Thank you for your opinion hope to learn all I can from everyone on the fourm and be a participating memeber.

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    Welcome aboard OCDO.

    If it feels good in your hand, is in your price range and you can learn to be proficient with it, then presuming reliability/dependability, it is the perfect gun for you. So many choices - you can't pick just one.
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