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Thread: Updated signage at Fox River Mall

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    Updated signage at Fox River Mall

    I noticed while on trip to scheels to other day, the signs you pass as you are coming into the mall that say "no weapons on mall premises" have an add-on sign underneath. Essentially, if you are using the outside entrance, you can ONLY go to scheels. Did someone have a talk with mall management or did scheels have a problem with them blocking sales?.

    I was wondering how the mall was going to enforce that ban on weapons when they sell guns there....
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    Was kicked out once, but management corrected the sales person!

    Deek, When I had my encounter in Scheels, they were unclear with their employees about the mall policy. The internal mall policy is no weapons. Scheels, and all the stores like it with external entrances, can make their own policy. So yes, you can carry in Scheels, but I do not recommend trying to go through the mall as it is posted and you can be charged with trespassing. Scheels management said they were trying to work with the mall to clarify the signage or to change the policy all together.

    I hope this answered your questions.
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