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Thread: Question: Seems there's a contradiction in California Open Carry summary.

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    Question Question: Seems there's a contradiction in California Open Carry summary.

    On's summary of new (AB144) laws, there seems to be a contradiction. The summary (found here: , says this [Question] (toward the bottom of the page):

    "Is it legal to open carry while driving a car, or while riding a motorcycle?

    Yes. There is no legal difference between being in a vehicle (or on a motorcycle) or not, with regard to open carry. The locked case or vehicle trunk requirements refer to concealed carry only. However, if you will be passing through any school zones, then you also must place handguns in a locked case."

    It would be my understanding that the carrying of any concealable firearm "exposed" in a vehicle (or while riding a motorcycle), loaded or unloaded, would be a violation. In other words, under 12026, now carrying an unloaded pistol or revolver on your car seat, or carried in a belt holster, whether loaded or not, if driving upon a public road or street or in an area where the discharge of a firearm is prolhibited, would be unlawful.

    However, the carrying of a pistol or revolver, loaded or unloaded in an unincorporated, or upon a private street or roadway, or within an area where the discharge of a firearm (as on BLM or National Forest land) would be legal, then the carrying of a loaded or unloaded firearm, or having it on the car seat loaded or unloaded would be legal.

    Anyone want to clarify this for me?

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    Hasn't CA restricted urban loaded carry since the Mulford act? but carry outside of an uban area is ok?

    It was my understanding, that after 1 Jan 2012, there will then be a change that there is no unlicensed carry in urban areas?

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