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Thread: Age requirement to OC handguns/pistols in FL

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    Age requirement to OC handguns/pistols in FL

    I'm 19. When OCing in Florida under the "fishing exemption" it doesn't cover what types of guns, so I'm assuming long gun OC is legal at 18...but what about handguns? 18+ can legally purchase handguns and handguns ammunition from private sales, securely encase them in their cars etc. The problem I'm having is seeing very mixed information from Florida OC enthusiasts across the internet (facebook meeting groups, etc) saying carry a long gun to their events if you're under 21. The way I see the FL state statutes it's 18+ as long as whatever you're doing (whether fishing/camping/target shooting/hunting/personal property/private property with permission given/place of business with permission given OC, or private property/place of business with permission of owner CC) is either one of the few legal forms of OC, or a type of CC that doesn't require a permit. I would like to clear this up before OCing a handgun i legally obtained.

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    Try posting in the FL forum.
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