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Have you heard about the National Association for Gun Rights' lawsuit against the U.S. Post Service's gun ban?

Just a few weeks ago, a federal judge ruled that NAGR's lawsuit was valid, and we're now moving forward with it.

The U.S. Postal Service uses bureaucratic rules to ban your right to carry in a Post Office or in the parking lot, and that's important, even if you don't carry concealed -- it's the camel's nose under the tent.

You see, the U.S. Postal Service claims Americans don't have the right to self-defense in Post Offices.

There's one problem with that claim: it isn't true.

The law cited by the U.S. Postal Service creates an exception for "lawful carrying of firearms" for "other lawful purposes." On top of that, both the Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions guarantee "the individual right to possess and carry weapons in case of confrontation."

Sounds like it should be simple, right?

Well, no government bureaucracy ever gave up power without a fight.

And, given the anti-gun nature of the Obama administration, we know they aren't going to instruct the U.S. Postal Service properly.

So your National Association for Gun Rights acted quickly to file suit against the U.S. Postal Service.

Will you chip in to support this lawsuit on behalf of the safety and self-defense of all law-abiding Americans?

National Association for Gun Rights members Debbie and Tab Bonidy live in the mountains of Colorado, and are the plaintiffs -- along with the National Association for Gun Rights -- against the Postal Service.

Debbie Bonidy doesn't like going anywhere without her personal handgun, which is why she went through the trouble of being trained, proving she's law-abiding, and getting her concealed carry permit. Not only does the U.S. Postal Service say she can't carry that handgun for self protection in a Post Office, but they arrogantly claim she can't even leave it in her car when in their lot.

If we win this lawsuit, that outrageous policy will change in every Post Office in America.

Because NAGR and the Bonidy's are facing a U.S. Postal Service that will spend whatever it takes to win this case against gun owners and all Americans, the more allies you and I have in this fight, the better.

Please consider chipping in a generous contribution to help win this case.

For Freedom,

Dudley Brown
Executive Director

P.S. I hope you will support our lawsuit against the U.S. Postal Services' ban on self-defense.

If we win, they'll be forced to allow legally-authorized individuals to carry in Post Offices across the country.

Please click here to chip in and help fund this important lawsuit.