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Thread: An option for POV recording.

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    An option for POV recording.

    I got an email from amazon offering the ContourRoam sports POV camera for $89 with free 1 day shipping. I also noticed they sell a picatinny rail adapter. There would be very little chance of shooting your camera this way. Just thought I'd pass along the information and Code.

    Customers who showed an interest in hands-free action cameras might like to know they can get the ContourROAM hands-free HD camcorder for only $89 with the following promotional code: 89ROAM89.
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    Thumbs up Contour POV Camera

    Wow, Thanks for the info and link!

    Just ordered one for my son for a Christmas present. I have a Contour 1080 and a GPS model that I use for skiing and they are GREAT little cameras.

    And $89! With free shipping! Sweet!!

    Thanks again.

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