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Thread: Eric Holder involved in providing explosives to McVeigh...

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    Eric Holder involved in providing explosives to McVeigh...

    It seems to be a consistent strategy to create problems in order to justify restricting freedom. I suppose in the mind of a liberal, the ends justifies the means.

    Does anyone else remember Obama's proposed "civilian defense force" that was to be funded as well as the Army?

    This next election is important. VERY important.

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    first link is dead

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    among others, but only the last comes close to what is generally accepted as a reliable source, and they get it from somewhere else. The material from the FOIA request is not available, so there is no way to independently analyze the claim.

    I know if I was sitting on this I'd make it as public as possible just in case anybody wanted me or the information to quietly disappear. Not seeing that happening here.

    stay safe.
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    I'd love to see some real investigative journalism attack this, but on it's face it's troubling.

    I remember being surprised that the Feds applied the death penalty so quickly after the verdict on McVeigh. It seems they may have directly applied the death penalty to a few others without court approval.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComSec View Post
    first link is dead
    The publisher yanked it after the supporting evidence on the Utah site to which it was linked was also yanked.

    The story has since cropped up several other locations. Google "eric holder okc bombing" and you'll find dozens of related articles.
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