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Thread: Richmond homeowner shoots intruder

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    Richmond homeowner shoots intruder

    I hope this works out for Steven. I wonder if the bad guy did have a weapon?

    December 18, 2011

    Homeowner shoots intruder, police say
    Register staff report The Richmond Register Sun Dec 18, 2011, 07:30 AM EST

    RICHMOND — A Richmond man shot a man he said was breaking into his home three times Saturday morning, sending the man to the University of Kentucky Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries, police said.

    The Richmond post of the Kentucky State Police received “burglary in progress” call from Hager Drive resident Steven Womack at about 8:29 a.m., according to KSP spokesperson Trooper Paul Blanton.

    Sgt. Harvey Baxter and Trooper Doug Cole responded to the scene, where Womack told them he had found Steven Murphy, 38, in the process of burglarizing the home. Womack said he attempted to hold the alleged burglar at gunpoint until KSP units could arrive, Blanton said in a press release.

    As Womack waited for police, Murphy allegedly attempted to flee out of a window, Womack told the officers.

    “ … in the process of doing so, he (Murphy) looked back at Mr. Womack and made a motion of reaching toward his pocket,” Blanton said. “At this point, Mr. Womack feared for his life and fired his weapon, striking Mr. Murphy three times.”

    Detective Ken Bradley has been assigned to the case, which still is under investigation.

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    A Richmond man shot a man he said was breaking into his home three times Saturday morning
    Dude breaks into my home repeatedly on a Saturday morning ought to expect to get lit up. (Yes, I know that reportologists do not know how to write.)

    Given that the bad Steven was reaching for his back pocket while trying to climb out a window when this happened, the good Steven may not have had a whole lot of choice in where to aim. That and being threat-focused on the hand going into the back pocket. Just wondering out loud here, boss.

    stay safe.
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    This guy shot three times and not one life threatening injury? Amazing! Being as he and the BG was inside the residence when he fired at BG, he will be fine.

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