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Thread: Unicorn Sighting - Newport News / Seaford

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    Unicorn Sighting - Newport News / Seaford

    Friday evening around 6pm or so... Northbound on George Washington Hwy near the Seaford area. Jacked up Jeep Wrangler with orange GSL sticker and VCDL decal. "Trail Guide" decal / magnetic sign on doors. Nice Jeep! :-)

    I was in front of, beside and behind you at times, driving the GF's Dodge Ram with K-9 Search and Rescue decals across the back and on the sides. I let you in when you merged onto GW.... Just curious if you are on this board as well.

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    Sounds like ODA to me...
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    ODA is down in Smithfield so I think it was probably DJEEPER. I think he drives a red Jeep with a bunch of stickers on it. :-)

    He works (one of his jobs) right around that area at a bike shop so I see him around often.

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