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Thread: No guns allowed at Fairfield Commons Mall in Beavercreek.

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    No guns allowed at Fairfield Commons Mall in Beavercreek.

    I open carried while Christmas shopping with my girlfriend at the Dayton Mall and Fairfield Commons. Had no problems at the Dayton Mall but at Fairfield Commons we had issues? Although, every entrance to Fairfield Commons has no signage, within few hours of shopping I was confronted by the rent a cop about “the gun”. He was polite at first and then he read me the “Mall Rules” from a small business card. According to the rules no Guns and ammo are allowed in the Mall. I actually started to chuckle when I heard this because Dicks Sporting Goods was right around the corner selling both. After investigation, It seems all these malls are owned by the same mortgage company and they are anti gun. They post their no weapon and ammunition rule amongst other rules that cannot be found at any entrance. If you want to find them, look at their kiosk that shows the layout of the mall stores. You’ll find them there along with the other rules. So watch out for the Criminal Defense zones while Christmas shopping!
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    Good information to know.


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    The CC permit course I took was given by an LEO. There is a Mall in Fairfield, Hamilton, Ohio that has a Sign at the entrance with a list of such rules including NO FIREARMS, NO PETS and such. THEY also have a DICKS SPORTING and a PETCO or whatever. He stated that it Had to be a NO FIREARMS sign posted in a manner where it is noticable. He carries there an stated that he would rather be judged by twelve than carried by six. He is very PRO 2nd.

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    So what did you do?

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    No obvious signage on the door, carry away. For it to be a legal CPZ it has to be conspicuously posted at the enterance. You are not required to look for signs everywhere or consult everyone's stupid rule book. If you are asked to leave, do so.


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