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Thread: Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons
    Quote Originally Posted by Schulz, Becker, CIR
    A decade of billions in spending in the name of homeland security has armed local police departments with military-style equipment and a new commando mentality. But has it gone too far? Andrew Becker and G.W. Schulz of the Center for Investigative Reporting report.
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    “Most people are so fascinated by it, because nothing happens here,” says Carol Archbold, a Fargo resident and criminal justice professor at North Dakota State University. “There’s no terrorism here.”
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    The upgrading of local police nonetheless continues. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio now claims to operate his own air armada of private pilots—dubbed Operation Desert Sky—to monitor illegal border crossings, and he recently added a full-size surplus Army tank.
    Would that be the tank featured in this fiasco?:

    LINK Steven Seagal, Arizona Sheriff Sued for Driving Tank Into Home, Killing Puppy

    An Arizona man has sued action star-turned vigilante crime fighter Steven Seagal and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio for allegedly killing his puppy and driving a tank into his home in a massive raid earlier this year, according to TMZ
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    Or Apache choppers. aw! Maybe in the future fighter planes.

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    I'm thinking I should have a talk with Mr. S, if he'll ever deign to do so...
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    What is their definition of tank?

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