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Thread: hey, CA - how's that "GF"SZ thing working?

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    hey, CA - how's that "GF"SZ thing working?

    This happened in 2008, the shooter was sentenced Monday (19DEC11).
    A 14yo shot a 15yo in the back of the head, in a classroom.
    underage possession
    possession in a "GF"SZ, by an unlicensed person
    killing when not in danger of immediate death or great bodily harm
    and considering this was CA, possession of a gun that wasn't registered to him, etc.

    I realize that gay/lesbian/bisexual -ism is a hot topic for some people,
    but since personal attacks are verboten here (see #6 - will get your post deleted & are not nice any time) give that a rest.

    This is another example of how laws do not protect people.
    And, sadly, an example of the parents expecting the school to do their job.
    I do have a problem with some of what the victim's dad said:
    School administrators were criticized for not doing enough in the weeks leading up to the killing at the Oxnard school to quell a simmering feud between the two boys and for allowing King to wear heels and makeup.
    [The father] blamed the school district for not heeding requests by his wife to help tone down their son's flamboyant behavior, despite having a plan that called for preventing the boy from drawing attention to himself.

    "The school could have and should have prevented Larry from engaging in the provocative behavior he was involved in"
    I agree with the part about bullying / fighting, but the parents can't control their kid (how he dresses & getting him to understand that his behavior is inappropriate... very likely sexual harassment) & they expect the school to ignore federal laws about freedom of expression?? That's a bit much.

    None of that is justification for murder, though.
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    Sad story all around. Doesn't appear to be anyone involved who's completely innocent.
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    A very unfortunate story indeed.

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