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Thread: Dining In in Norfolk in Jan.

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    Dining In in Norfolk in Jan.

    Trying to gauge interest in an Open Carry dining in at a local restaurant in the Bayview Section of Norfolk.
    Would be held in Mid-Jan 2012.
    Restaurant has a good menu; specials, home made lasagna, really good homemade pizza, subs, steaks, etc..
    Send an e-mail to if interested.
    Thanks guys.

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    There is always a good deal of interest & this would be the first meet n' greet of the new year.

    Pick a spot, post it, they will come!
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    Hey, new guy! Welcome to OCDO.

    Seems new guys are always trying to invent new ways to do stuff. But because he's a new guy and seems to have his heart in the right place, I'll play along.



    What time?

    What kind of food do they serve?

    Do I have to dress up?

    Is there adequate space outside to gather and talk beforehand, and to linger and talk afterwards?

    Will you be inviting the Norfolk PD? (Have you done your homework to know why that question was even asked?)

    Or, instead of trying to find out if there is hypothetical interest in hypothetcally meeting to eat at some hypothetical place, you could do like everybody else does and Grapeshot has subtly suggested -

    Pick a place, post the relevant what/when/where info, and sit back and watch to see who says they are coming. The worst possibility is you pick a place everybody hates. The best possibility is you pick a place and more folks than they can seat at one time show up. Anything in the middle is all good.

    stay safe.
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    Dinner is one of my top three favorite meals! :-)

    I am always interested. My daughters schedules would dictate whether I can attend or not.

    Go ahead and schedule something.

    Some rules of thumb:

    - Don't ask if they allow OC, just show up with hungry money holding OC-ers and they usually are happy to see you
    - Pick a time around 7pm since many people have to get off work and fight traffic to attend.
    - Ask if they can handle larger parties. It is nice to sit "together" so if you get 10-20 people attending it matters.
    - Post address/directions/google-map for ease of decision by attendees, also online menu's if available help.
    - Be happy if 2-3 people show up or 30. We have had dinners as small as 3-4 or as large as over 100 for special occassions.

    Some places are better than others logistically, seating, parking, ease of finding in the dark. :-)

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    Carry On.


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    , ,

    ....make for the middle of the month

    If you pick a day in the middle of the month, I almost will assuredly make it!

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