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Thread: how do you feel about.............

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    Talking how do you feel about.............

    im just wondering how do you feel about people ocing when they are 18? do you feel they shouldnt do it? or they need to have more exp? or you dont trust them with a weapon?
    what are your thought when you see someone ocing who is 18?
    i have nothing against it being that i am 18 and oc. i just cant help but think about what other people think about being a 18yr old carrying a gun.

    i just wanna know your opinion about it.
    thank you
    and happy holidays!

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    My girlfriend carries and she just turned 19. I don't see anything wrong with it. She also frequents the gun range with me and we also do IDPA shooting matches twice a month, so she is well versed in the safety and responsibility of carrying.

    Just as driving a car entails safety "training" I believe that carrying and handling a firearm should be taken just as seriously. These are the exact things I will instill in my son as well. Safety and responsibility.
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    As long as I don't get muzzle swept by an 18 year old (again...) I'm fine with it.

    Though I've always found it a little funny about the age requirements that permeate our society. It's okay for an 18y/o to OC a sidearm in public, on their own, but not for someone who is 17 years, 11 months, 29 days old. The difference a single day makes. But that's another topic for a different forum.

    I've personally known, and beared witness to Teens/young adults/eighteen-year olds who are more mature in the safety and handling for a firearm, than most LEO's and Active Duty military personal I've met. But just the same, I've seen and witness the same age group to be the most reckless, and unsafe in the handling of a sidearm. I'm not condemning 18y/o OC, as I've seen plenty of adults in their 30's+ who act like children when you put a pistol on their hip. Honestly, in my opinion, it's a gray area. It's something that is alright, and legal, and fine and dandy... so long as they take note of my own protection, and know enough not to do something stupid around me, then we'll get along just fine.

    Sidenote... Gods I feel old referring to 18y/o as being "young adults"... Mid-20's and I find myself talking like my dad ._.
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    I think it has more to do with maturity level than age. I got my 1st gun, a M&P 9, when I was sixteen. I carried the gun in my truck everywhere I went and did perfectly fine with it. But there is some people I still wouldn't give a gun to and they're in their mid twenties.

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    Age is just a number. Like others have stated it is a matter of maturity. There are 18-year olds I would trust with a gun and 50-year olds I would trust with a rubber band gun. I will say that if you appear young you are more likely to be approached by the police. Just know your laws, follow them and you should be fine.
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    I have to agree, this is an issue of maturity over physical age. But sadly I have to admit that I've not encountered too many 18 year olds that are of the maturity level to really handle a weapon. That's not to say that I've never meet one, I have meet a few but the majority are too immature to have an airsoft.

    No offense to anyone. To those that are mature enough, Carry On!

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