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Thread: Another Chase Bank story

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    Another Chase Bank story

    I posted some time back my encounter at the Chase Bank in Vancouver 16600 Southeast McGillivray Boulevard. There the branch manager told me it was illegal to carry because their bank was a federal building. Of course this is absurd. Now a month or so later I go to the Chase Bank at 3205 NE 52nd St, in need of another transaction. All went well and on I went. I was away from my cell phone for about an hour after that, but during that time a voice mall ( assuming branch manager at the bank I left) asking me to give here a call back. When we connected she informed me that I could not carry my handgun in their bank because....... wait for it...... "we are a federal building". Apparently the Vancouver branch managers are all smokin the same oak. She was polite and so was I as I explained to her the facts and truth of it all. She said she would do some research on this issue. I wonder.


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    That is too bad. What I would ask them is 'how can a private company be federal/government property'. Maybe the chase branches around here act differently. I have never had any trouble carrying at any of their branches. The only thing i really have any trouble with is a few random fees.

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    I am the General Manager for a gun shop and shooting range in Kent, WA. I bank at Chase Bank daily and open carry in the bank each and every day. Everyone at the bank knows who I am, and never has anything so absurd been stated.

    I think you should educate them....
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    Must be something in the water in Vancouver. That or close proximity to Oregon! :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lammo View Post
    Must be something in the water in Vancouver. That or close proximity to Oregon! :-)
    The cesspool overflows frequently in Portland so we send them up to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lammo View Post
    Must be something in the water in Vancouver. That or close proximity to Oregon! :-)
    When I was a kid I was taught to always go upstream to drink the water. Water downstream was "tainted" with "you know what".

    Apparently the waste water treatment plants upstream on the Columbia are letting something through that are effecting the Vancouver/Portland area water.
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    If she is talking to you (the mgr), say something to the effect of this:

    "Wouldn't you rather have a law-abiding, polite customer who has never had a felony or DV charge than a completely unknown person?".

    Have her repeat same to anyone who complains.

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    Red face "federal building"

    You know that they are looking at the "FDIC Insured" statement and seeing that as their Federal linkage...

    Are their paychecks issued by the Gov't? I suspect not. Years ago, GEICO Insurance was named Government Employee Insurance Company...but now anyone may use it.

    They are just wrong.

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    You may inform her that my Firearms Training business has Chase as its bank. Not only are my local managers cool with me, they also have expressed interest in getting their CCW permits as they are new to town.
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