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Thread: Stupid kids, do stupid things.

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    Stupid kids, do stupid things.

    ST. LOUIS (AP) -- Matthew Quain still struggles to piece together what happened after a trip to the grocery store nearly turned deadly. He remembers a group of loitering young people, a dimly lit street - then nothing. The next thing he knew he was waking up with blood pouring out of his head.

    Always carry, and always maintain an awareness of your surroundings. If something seems wrong, it probably is.
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    No, they're not stupid kids, they're vicious felons who deserve to be in jail.
    A gun in a holster is better than one drawn and dispensing bullets. Concealed forces the latter. - ixtow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger Johnson View Post
    No, they're not stupid kids, they're vicious felons who deserve to be in jail.
    Big +1 here.
    Too many of these degenerate losers think they can just do whatever they want. Bad thing is, the prison system makes em worse. Rehabilitation my ass. Prison is just a badge of courage and accomplishment for them.
    "Ever notice once in a while you come across somebody you shouldn't have f***ed with......That's me." -Clint Eastwood "Gran Torino"

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    Carry as often as possible and be ready to use it against this sort of vermin.
    In the final seconds of your life, just before your killer is about to dispatch you to that great eternal darkness, what would you rather have in your hand? A cell phone or a gun?

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    Yeah, if possible carry. But those things really finds a way when we are unaware. damn!.

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