This was*sent*to me at work . It was written by one of the Officers at the State Penitentiary at Walla Walla, Washington.

T’was the night Before Christmas
And all through the Pen
Not an inmate was stirring
Because count cleared at ten

The*pole*lights were shinning
Bright through the night
Ensuring no inmate
Would get out tonight

Sarge in his office
Officers on the tiers
Had just started checking
For inmate made beer

When out of the radio
There arose such a racket
Someone’s on the roof
In a big bright red jacket

We ran up the stairs
Then out through the door
We yelled at the man
Get down on the floor

The man that we saw
Was not lively and quick
He was covered in soot
This could not be ST. Nick

He jumped into a sleigh
Yelled this just isn't right
My Sleigh cannot carry
This much coal tonight

Then we heard him exclaim
As he flew out of sight
Thank for keeping them*
Locked up tonight