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Thread: Article about CC in parks on WRAL

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    Article about CC in parks on WRAL

    I hope all of you comment on this lunacy. I did.

    What do you think of suggestion that they reword the signs prohibiting CC in parks to read:
    "Attention Criminals - for your safety and convenience we have disarmed the patrons of this park. Happy Hunting. Sincerely, your municipal government."

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    Good comment.
    I also read the other 118 posts. There are some seriously misinformed folks out there. My position is to allow carry everywhere. I don't go places armed that I don't go unarmed. My safety, and that of my family, is my responsibility. Do not make me hide from danger; don't make me a voluntary victim to crime; and don't require me to beg for permission to go about my daily life.

    I wonder why the photo of the empty, slide-locked gun didn't also have the bullets pointing the other way.
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    No need for a gun at a playground?

    Wow. Predators, pedos, irate ex-spouses, vicious pets, gang activity. Playgrounds are a virtual sewer of potential mayhem and violence.

    IOW, 'Children are our most precious commodity, that's why there's absolutely no need to protect them' - what Roxane Kolar, executive director of North Carolinians Against Gun Violence would imply.
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