I am a victim of redistricting. I now live in McEachin's Senate district. McEachin is no friend to the 2nd Amendment. Now, I cannot make it to the VCDL meeting before Lobby Day to discuss what's going on, so my thought is this. I would like to get with others that live in the 9th that would like to meet up at the same time and go into McEachin's office and tell him how we feel about 2nd Amendment issues in Virginia.

McEachin needs to hear from us and know we are watching, we are informed and we are unified. He needs to understand that even if he has the 9th locked up because of how the lines are drawn that we are there and even if we cannot defeat him and his ideas we will do whatever is necessary to work against him.

McEachin relies on the predominately black majority areas to maintain his Senate office. With the way the lines are drawn he has those constituents. He probably doesn't care for us (2nd Amendment activists), but I feel that it is imperative that he hear from us.

I'll be posting this on the VCDL Facebook page too. Let me know if you are interested in this idea.

"I cannot imagine a need to carry guns in places of worship where people go to seek peace, prayer and solace." - Senator Donald McEachin