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Thread: Pahrump DMV no issue however, interesting.

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    Pahrump DMV no issue however, interesting.

    Entered the DMV with a quick glance at the sign making sure is only refers to no concealed firearms. All is good and in I went with my elderly mom. After about 15 minutes of waiting in comes another open carried firearm. However, a Nye County Sheriff deputy carried this firearm. He was looking at the forms trying, I believe to deciding which one he needed for whatever task he needed to do.
    Meanwhile, just in case I made sure I had the shortcut to the video record button on my phone ready also pulling up the the posting of the e-mail sent to Sabotage saying it was legal to open carry in the DMV. The deputy walked over to my strong side and was 15 feet away. I never made eye contact with him. My mom did say he finally noticed my firearm however not a word, no intimidating stare, no sneak looks he had no problem with me and my firearm. Nor did the clerks, which had to spend extra time coaching my mom thought some of the process.
    Pahrump DMV never has been an issue however this is the first time I spent 45 minutes ocing in the DMV with a deputy standing within 15 feet.

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    Right on!

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    I've not needed to go to the DMV in quite some time. The most recent time though I was told by the security guard to hide my weapon in my pocket because it wasn't allowed inside. He was referring to the clip on my Gerber knife!

    Of course, knives are not protected by the state's preemption laws, so he may have been in the right. Go figure.

    That was back when I was the victim of other company's CCW training that gives out misinformation about OC. I'm glad I know better now, and my students do as well!

    Next time I go, I'm going to see if he still notices the Gerber knife clip a few inches away from the cocked-and-locked .45.
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