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Thread: DC ordered to pay Heller's legal bills (over $1 million)

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    DC ordered to pay Heller's legal bills (over $1 million)

    Details in the ongoing Heller thread:

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    Just saw this on fox 5. About time!!!

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    As it should be. I'm sure D.C. will fight it tooth and nail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigsd View Post
    As it should be. I'm sure D.C. will fight it tooth and nail.
    Let's hope they spend as much money fighting it as the higher courts will eventually award against them as a judgement. Double-whammy! Might not yet be enough to uncork their cranial-derriere problem, but it might be enough to give the cause critical mass. Ultimately, it's always the people who wind up saying, "I've had enough. Time for a change."
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    I wonder how much that reporter's (Emily?) articles about getting a gun/permit are going to have an effect, too
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