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Thread: Travelling to NOLA

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    Travelling to NOLA

    Hi guys,

    I'm thinking about traveling to NOLA for New Years. I'm traveling with a few friends, some are anti gun, heck, some aren't even citizens! (H1Bs... real H1Bs, actual experts!) Anyway, I'm from Alabama, have a pistol license and a small pistol. What does the territory look like down in NOLA as far as "No Carry Zones"?

    I can appreciate a good beer, but if there are no gun signs everywhere, I may as well leave the gun at home. I've heard some legendary stories about crime in the Big Easy...
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    For conceal carry, while in La, your Alabama permit will allow you to Conceal carry but you must follow La laws as they apply to CHPs while here. That means, no carry in bars. That may limit you right off the start. The carry in resturants which serve alcohol is a grey area and is basically agrued that if it's out of sight it's out of mind. State law forbids Open Carry in any place which sells alcohol for on site consumption. That means most resturants and all bars. Also, if I understand the law, your out of state permit will not apply to the Fed/State GFSZ rules. What I'm saying is that, from my understanding, if you get within 1000' of a school, your Alabama permit may not ve valid. <-I could be wrong on this.
    Enjoy your visit but keep your wits. The crime problem in NO is real but you should be fine if you use common sense.
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    And the local PD will likely not appreciate you being armed. Just recently I listened to an interview where they were calling for more laws to search people and disallow an armed populace, to protect the children of course.
    Don't believe any facts that I say! This is the internet and it is filled with lies and untruth. I invite you to look up for yourself the basic facts that my arguments might be based upon. This way we can have a discussion where logic and hints on where to find information are what is brought to the forum and people look up and verify facts for themselves.

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