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Thread: New bern area

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    New bern area

    Has anyone OCed in new bern? Any issues in the new bern mall or new been Walmart?

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    I carry around New Bern all the time. Never had an issue.

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    I've OCd in New Bern a few times, with no issues whatsoever.
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    The New Bern area is pretty much wide open on OC. Just be aware that several of the eating establishments serve alcohol. Double check the Mall, if you want to call it that , on their regulations for conduct. Wal-Mart is cool. No matter where you go here, or anywhere you are carrying, just be reminded of some very important things, conduct yourself appropriately, be polite when approached by someone with a question about carrying a firearm, and just be yourself. And carry some brochures for the education factor.

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