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Thread: Any experience shooting .327 Federal?

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    Question Any experience shooting .327 Federal?

    My wife is considering applying for a CCW. Based on her experience shooting my 9 mm autos and several rental guns in various calibers, we're leaning towards a snubnose revolver in .38 Special. But lately I've been reading about .327 Federal. If nothing else, I like that you can fit 6 in the cylinder instead of 5. Unfortunately, it's still rare enough that I can't find one to actually try out. Since the bullet weight and velocity are comparable to a 9 mm, I've been guessing that recoil is comparable in a gun of similar size/weight. In a lightweight snubby (S&W Airweight, Charter Undercover Lite, etc.), how does the recoil compare to other loads (.38 Spl, .357 Mag)?

    And since Ruger pioneered the round, how come the LCR isn't available in .327?
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    I suffered a QC horror story with Charter Arms' snubby .327, which ended up with an exchange for the 4-inch model that I like. I also had a Taurus snubby I liked a lot that for reasons I'd rather not go into got sold to a friend for his wfe's CCW piece. Reports from there are that she likes it.

    The .327's recoil is a bit snappier than a .38spl, but less that .38spl+P+. It is noticeably less than .357M.

    I have no idea what the availability of ammo is, due to a peace offering that I'm still working on reducing to spent brass.

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    Havent tried it myself,yet, but wouldnt mind grabbing one for a snubbie. Ballistics are supposedly roughly equal to a .38 Super.
    Finding local places with ammo for it still seems to be the biggest thing holding it back though..
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