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Thread: Getting stuff done at PCDC....advice needed

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    Getting stuff done at PCDC....advice needed

    Ok. I have a traffic hearing coming up and judging by my last experience at the court on 96th (yes I know they moved) and in downtown that there may need to be something done. Ya ya ya "do you want to take care of your business or be right" "pick your battles"...well....I am willing to fight for this one and take the hit if need be. I am going to carry on court day and I am thinking about doing 1 of 2 things. Refusing to show ID to check my weapon as it is not required (I will be denied entry and miss my date) or not consenting to a search of the serial number on my weapon or personal info on my ID (pretty sure that is the only reason they want it) I may be denied entry or allowed entry and they check it anyway or allowed entry and my privacy respected. If I choose the latter I would love to have a fellow OCer on the scanner to listen/record checks if any. I will have my recorder on as I enter.....well...that's it....lemme have it.

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    You already said you'd be recording - good. You might also want to take along several printed copied of the relevant laws. They may not care, but it can't hurt. Show up early so that time isn't on their side.

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