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Thread: New to the board, My first post.

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    New to the board, My first post.

    [SIZE=2]In Dover the front door of our court house does have a no weapon sign. The first floor is where one conducts business like paying property taxes or renewing license plates. All court procedings are on the second floor. I know by law no guns are allowed in court. I wonder if this sign is in the wrong place. I fell sure the court house is not on private property. My question is, should a person be allowed to carry to do business in the court house Or do I not understand the law.

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    You are right in that a room where a judicial proceeding is taking place is off-limits by law (39-17-1306). You are also correct that it doesn't mean the whole courthouse is off-limits.

    However the posting law (39-17-1359), allows any local, state or federal government entity to post their property in addition to privately owned property. So the county can legally post the entire court house.

    I would contact your county mayor about the sign and/or go to the next county commissioners meeting.
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