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Thread: Respect difference and opinion

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    Respect difference and opinion

    Ironbar and others alike, this is a site for sharing experience and opinion. This includes to respecting other individuals experience and opinion while we have the same goal to normalize firearms to the public in a peaceful manner. This is not a site to troll on other individuals difference, but to share, ask, learn, and respect other individual difference while but not limit to defending his right to keep and bear arms in a peaceful form. This includes abiding to the rules of, unless you have permission to the private property owner of this site. We are here to defend the 2cd amendment of the constitution of USA in all peaceful forms, not to a limited form. I respect your opinion and respectfully disagree, but I don't respect your personal attacks to the members of this form and that includes me.

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    great statement, should have been in a private message IMHO
    *Disclaimer~ I am not an attorney, i do not give legal advice. Any opinion stated here is in no way meant to insinuate, imply, compel or encourage that you should do anything that is illegal either knowingly or otherwise. My answers however valid may not be complete or applicable to your individual situation. I strongly recommend that you do your own research, make your own decisions and hire an attorney for legal advice ~

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    Showing basic respect, sticking to the facts and maintaining a sense of decorum are not only simply courteous, they are forum requirements.

    Not in disagreement with the OP's message, but rather to preclude unnecessary contention this thread is being locked.

    Please handle private disputes via PMs - BTW PMs are still subject to the rules - and report any major violations, this is part of the mandate to be self-moderating as much as possible.
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