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GRNC Alert 1-2-12

The Town of Blowing Rock is proposing an ANTI SELF-DEFENSE ordinance that would prohibit concealed carry permit holders from protecting themselves and their loved ones in certain areas of its park system . These areas include picnic pavilions and restroom facilities. Posting these areas is illegal under the recently passed “Castle Doctrine” (HB650) by the N.C. State Legislature which states only playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and athletic facilities may be posted. However, just because you can pass an ordinance does not mean you should. An ordinance discriminating against law abiding permit holders is not the answer. To illustrate this, insert the minority of your choice into an ordinance that prohibits them from enjoying the use of these areas.

The Town is, in effect, creating criminal empowerment zones in which a 250 pound rapist or child molester is empowered and a 100 pound mother is denied the means to protect herself and her children.

A special note of recognition needs to be added that the towns of North Wilkesboro and Hickory recently considered this issue and have chosen against any posting in their parks.


Contact the Mayor and Members of the Town Council and the Chamber of Commerce

Deliver this message by emailing the Town Council at:
Copy the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce at:

To: Mayor and all Town Council Members

Dear Council Member:

Violent crime rates have plunged almost everywhere in the state of North Carolina during the 16 years since the implementation of the Concealed Carry Law. One of the areas where it has risen rather than declining is in parks! It is not hard for a reasonable person to figure out that this is due to bans on concealed carry by permit holders.

You will be interested to know that for 16 years North Carolina concealed carry permit holders have proven themselves sane, sober, and law abiding. You can expect that same responsibility in parks. You should also expect the law to deter violent predators. Why? Because criminals avoid armed victims.

Obtaining a concealed carry permit in North Carolina requires training in the law, a mental and physical health check, a background check by the F.B.I., and proving proficiency with a weapon. The town is attempting to solve a problem that does not exist. Concealed carry permit holders are the most law abiding group in existence.

If you truly care about protecting your citizens and visitors from criminals, you will implement no bans of Concealed Carry ANYWHERE in your parks. As a major tourist destination, it is important to you that your visitors be safe. As such, it is important to me that I am allowed to protect my family in your parks. Therefore, your decisions on this matter will determine where my dollars are spent as to your shops, restaurants, and lodging.


A Concerned Citizen

Make sure to also call town council members!
Mayor J.B. Lawrence (828) 295-8072, Tommy Klutz (828) 295-3502, Doug Matheson (828) 406-9291, Dan Phillips (828) 295-9186, Jim Steele (828) 295-6540, Albert Yount (828) 295-0079
Use the talking points below to guide your discussion.

Lawrence, Klutz, Phillips, and Yount are considered trending to be for unrestricted carry in Town parks. We do not know about Steele, but Matheson is against, so please call them as a first priority.

Also, please call Charles Hardin at the Blowing Rock Chamber of Commerce at (828) 295-7851 and let him know this decision will effect where you will be spending your money.

Talking Points

Complying with state law is as easy as not posting against carry anywhere.
Only specific playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools and athletic facilities can be legally posted
Bans are unnecessary, require expensive signs and open the Town to expensive litigation.
Limiting a Constitutional right is serious business and shouldn’t be done for any reason.
Over 395,000 concealed handgun permits have been approved over 16 years without trouble.
Increased shall-issue laws are always followed by reduced crime.
There is no evidence that bans solve problems.
There is clear evidence that disarmed victims are targeted by criminals.

Attend the Town Council Meeting

Please attend the meeting at the Blowing Rock Town Hall on January 10,2012 at 5:00 P.M. The address is 1036 Main Street, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, 28692.
Save the date and do your best to attend - YOUR ATTENDENCE IS POWERFUL AND EFFECTIVE! It will help to tip the balance to defeat the ban.

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