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Thread: places i been open carrying in BD WI

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    places i been open carrying in BD WI

    Not sure if theres a place on this site to put stores etc that allow open carry , are not posted , and that ive had good experiences @ so far .

    i was also thinking about keeping kind like a log on this thread of all the place i go in beaver dam that are gun friendly, seeing as im out and about in BD alot everyday .

    - So today i went to shell gas station on the east side by 151 , ive OC'd there and CC'd there .. actually there's 2 shells and neither one is posted , and ive OC @ at both with no problems

    oh and i have a CCL as well

    - ALso went to fleet farm and OC'd there , not posted and couldnt find a sign when i did look ... no problems there either .

    -MENARDS not posted , OC'd there many times with no problems , couple questions . and one girl says OMG YOU have a GUN !! i said yup .

    -Cousins subs , no sign posted and i OC'd there today with no issues

    -Walmart OC'd no problems , ( not posted .. i think alot of people OC here) , just a few looks from some ladys

    -Dodge central credit union , not posted that i could find . OC'd there today only ( so far) , no problems

    -piggly wiggly , not posted that i could find , OC'd there multiple times with no issues ( old ladies in the deli looked at me a lil funny )

    -kwik trip (north side) & (south side) couldnt find no posted signs , OC'd @ both with no problems .

    - PICTURE of my carry holster and gun >>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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    BD = never mind i see your location
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    This will be a rather long thread. There is a post that shows the place that doesn't allow, a much shorter list and getting shorter every day.

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