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Thread: Grieving mother shoots intruder in Oklahoma

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    Grieving mother shoots intruder in Oklahoma

    A young Oklahoma mother shot and killed an intruder to protect her 3-month-old baby on New Year's Eve, less than a week after the baby's father died of cancer.
    Sarah McKinley says that a week earlier a man named Justin Martin dropped by on the day of her husband's funeral, claiming that he was a neighbor who wanted to say hello. The 18-year-old Oklahoma City area woman did not let him into her home that day.
    On New Year's Eve Martin returned with another man, Dustin Stewart, and this time was armed with a 12-inch hunting knife. The two soon began trying to break into McKinley's home.
    As one of the men was going from door to door outside her home trying to gain entry, McKinley called 911 and grabbed her 12-gauge shotgun.
    McKinley told ABC News Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO that she quickly got her 12 gauge, went into her bedroom and got a pistol, put the bottle in the baby's mouth and called 911.
    "I've got two guns in my hand -- is it okay to shoot him if he comes in this door?" the young mother asked the 911 dispatcher. "I'm here by myself with my infant baby, can I please get a dispatcher out here immediately?"
    The 911 dispatcher confirmed with McKinley that the doors to her home were locked as she asked again if it was okay to shoot the intruder if he were to come through her door.
    "I can't tell you that you can do that but you do what you have to do to protect your baby," the dispatcher told her. McKinley was on the phone with 911 for a total of 21 minutes.
    When Martin kicked in the door and came after her with the knife, the teen mom shot and killed the 24-year-old. Police are calling the shooting justified.
    "You're allowed to shoot an unauthorized person that is in your home. The law provides you the remedy, and sanctions the use of deadly force," Det. Dan Huff of the Blanchard police said.
    Stewart soon turned himself in to police.
    McKinley said that she was at home alone with her newborn that night because her husband just died of cancer on Christmas Day.
    "I wouldn't have done it, but it was my son," McKinley told ABC News Oklahoma City affiliate KOCO. "It's not an easy decision to make, but it was either going to be him or my son. And it wasn't going to be my son. There's nothing more dangerous than a woman with a child."

    I am happy that the creep didn't get what ever he came for other than some free lead, but 21 minutes and no help is totally ridiculous. Its a damn goog thing she was armed. And some people wonder why we need guns.
    What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

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    Wow. Is there a link for this?

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    I feel sorry for her, she looses her husband and then not even 2 weeks later she is put through this. I can't imagine what she is going through right now. Justin Martin got what he deserved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Canuck View Post
    Wow. Is there a link for this?
    Quote Originally Posted by Beretta92FSLady
    I am no victim, just a poor college student who looks to the day where the rich have the living piss taxed out of them.

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    Ya know, I'd say that I am more impressed with the quote of the dispatcher than concerned it took police so long to respond.

    How many times have you heard of dispatchers pleading with the victim to place their head between their knees and kiss their ass goodbye instead of doing whatever it takes to protect themselves?

    Can't say for sure, but I'd hazard a guess that this could have turned out very differently if the dispatcher was hostile to self defense as others have been in the past.

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    21 minutes! This is yet another stellar example for those that think we can rely on the police to help.


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    One less POS to worry about.
    I don't mind watching the OC-Community (tea party 2.0's, who have hijacked the OC-Community) cannibalize itself. I do mind watching OC dragged through the gutter. OC is an exercise of A Right. I choose to not OC; I choose to not own firearms. I choose to leave the OC-Community to it's own self-inflicted injuries, and eventual implosion. Carry on...

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    I didn't read it all but 911 operators...(shakes head).

    Don't they have classes they can take? 'Duh, ma'am, uh, wut do? IDK, I'm just the PO-lice...'
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badger Johnson View Post
    I didn't read it all but 911 operators...(shakes head). Don't they have classes they can take? 'Duh, ma'am, uh, wut do? IDK, I'm just the PO-lice...'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herr Heckler Koch View Post

    CALEA is one of the biggest scams in the world. It costs TENS of thousands of dollars to get CALEA accreditation, and that fee DOESN'T include any training that the CALEA folks might say you need to meet their requirements. Some of the most corrupt LEAs in the nation are CALEA certified, and any time a Sheriff or Chief of Police even suggests that they drop their CALEA accreditation to save the PEOPLE some money, CALEA and all the cop associations start talking smak about him--how he isn't concerned with educating his officers, how he doesn't care about keeping up with legal trends and new laws, etc, etc, etc.

    It is a GIANT scam, like Amway, except with Amway, at least you get tasty food bars, decent vitamins and cleaning products that work when you shovel barrels of money out the window. With CALEA, you just get fancy stickers for your cruisers--and even THOSE cost extra.

    A good Sheriff in NC recently nearly lost re-election because he dared to suggest they drop their CALEA accreditation to save the county money and he was demonized so bad he almost got tossed...
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    The first thread on this topic is here, in True Tales of Self Defense:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack House View Post
    How many times have you heard of dispatchers pleading with the victim to place their head between their knees and kiss their ass goodbye instead of doing whatever it takes to protect themselves?
    Like when my house was broken into and we arrive at the house not knowing if someone is still inside...and they tell me to get in my car which is parked right next to our front

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