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Thread: Another school shooting

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    Unhappy Another school shooting

    How can this happen? I thought guns were not allowed in school. This kid broke the rules. I can't believe that the GFSZ law didn't keep him from bringing a gun into the school. Isn't that what it is supposed to do? Didn't he read the sign? Didn't he know it was illegal? Our kids are safe because of the GFSZ law. At least that's the line we keep hearing.

    I explained the GFSZ law this morning as I was driving my grade schoolers to school. Even they thought it was stupid. At least this time, the only person shot was the bad guy.

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    I understand that reportologists do not have any idea of how to construct a meaningful declarative sentence, but
    Brownsville police Detective J.J. Trevino says police received a call around 8 a.m. Wednesday that there was an individual with a weapon at Cummings Middle School. Police found the student with a handgun in a hallway and shot him
    certainly paints a picture they may not have wanted to paint.

    And it does make me feel better that your gradeschoolers understand how stupid the GFSZ law is for keeping someone with a gun and mens rea to commit a crime from doing so at a school.

    stay safe.
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    8th grader?

    Parenting issue.
    Quote Originally Posted by Beretta92FSLady
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    RIP troubled young soul......

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    Quote Originally Posted by VW_Factor View Post
    8th grader?

    8th grader
    15 year old 8th grader. I seem to recall that at age 15, most people are in their second year of high school.

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    Let's not forget...
    "The safest place for kids is at school...according to Richard Romero, Belen's truancy expert.

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    thats one old 8th grader , so it seems ... we better band all guns now
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