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Thread: Hello to Pennsylvania from Nevada

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    Hello to Pennsylvania from Nevada

    Hello all. I've been a fairly quiet member of the Nevada forum since Aug 2011 and a PA lurker almost as long. I am a native Pennsylvanian living in northern Nevada (near Reno) and hopefully will be returning to PA permanently...well as soon as circumstances allow. I am native of Reading and lived in Harrisburg for the 6 years prior to my moving to NV. From 1982 (when I turned 21) till 1994 when I moved to NV...I carried openly and concealed, openly far more often. At this point, I'm looking to get up to date and stay that way about any changes in Pa firearms laws. I would also like to hear from members of this forum about open carry in and around Harrisburg. That would be my target destination once I ultimately return.

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    First, a preemptive welcome home!

    Second, there is another PA forum that sees a large volume of posting traffic, so sub-forums like this one go mostly unattended by comparison. Consider singing up and seeing what's available there.

    There are a couple "stickies" that are particularly relevant to your situation...

    1. "Where you CAN and CANNOT carry in PA"...

    2. "Open Carry and what you should know before you do it"...

    3. The training memo regarding open-carry that became part of the annual training for PA LEOs...

    When you get here, look into getting your PA driver's license and then your PA LTCF as soon as possible. If you have a permit/license for Nevada it will tide you over in PA, but it will not provide the exemption you will need for the federal 1000' gun free school zone act. Your PA LTCF will.

    The process is supposed to be uniform throughout the state, but it is handled by each county's Sheriff and some take a few liberties with the powers entrusted to them. Once you know where you will land let us know, someone will be able to give you an idea what to expect. Mostly it is a relatively inexpensive and easy process.

    Good luck with your move.
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