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Thread: Nothing New in the Land of Lincoln?

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    Nothing New in the Land of Lincoln?

    Howdy Folks!
    I just stopped by to see if anything changed in the Land of Lincoln regarding carry.
    Any news about progress toward Illinois getting a CCW program?
    Anything changed regarding a citizen's right to carry some means of self defense?

    I sure would love to visit the old homestead, but I don't run around unprotected.
    Nor am I particularly keen on being stripped of my rights under the 2nd Amendment.

    Hope something is working through either the courts or legislature.


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    Nothing new . Still waiting for a ruling on a couple law suits. HB148 ( last carry bill ) still lays in wait and could be brought up any time till 2013.

    We are really hoping for a favorable ruling from the courts. Yeah I know.....

    We also have people working the heart of Chicago doing town hall type meetings to get information out to who have been brainwashed all these years.

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