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Thread: WI Cap Times Columnist: Concealed Carry Sucks. Still.

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    WI Cap Times Columnist: Concealed Carry Sucks. Still.

    The link is to a write up in The Truth About Guns. A very nasty cartoon from a Madistan paper can be seen there.

    Link to cartoon image:

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    Link to article:

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    Here's the full TTAG article,
    and here's the original Madistan Times article, with 'cartoon'.

    More "journalistic" poppycock.
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    Is the sky falling, no, but there...

    ... are dark clouds beginning to cover the entire city, and the lightning strikes grow more frequent and dangerous with each passing day.

    The paper has concern with vetted carriers, but there is no mention of the five deaths in as many days perpetrated by bad actors in Milwaukee.

    Most of us know the case law that released the police from liability when they refused to protect a live that results in death. When the Right to protect our self was reinstated by complying with the wishes set forth in the Constitution, we become a danger. The one thing the paper didn't mention was how they wrote a true article on citizen carry without talking to a citizen carrier.

    This assault from police and papers will quiet down, but there will never be any worthy press for the carrier. If; as wished, we refuse to respond, retreat as if unarmed and take cover that results in the death of a police officer we will be called cowards.

    This continued crap from the antis makes me believe I will take cover. I can not even afford the liability of property damage. We pay for the mistakes of police, we pay the legal cost of bad actors, and we will have to pay for our actions. They've nothing good to say no matter what we do. We're just not worthy, and that people, is a shame. boar out.
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