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Thread: St. Louis County

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    St.Louis County

    St. Louis County

    How do I find the open carry map for St.Louis County?

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    I had made one but it is out of date and doesn't reflect the 5 or 6 cities we lost lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel E Vahey View Post
    How do I find the open carry map for St.Louis County?
    Hate to say it... you probably better off visiting each known city/county that you go to all the time and request for the laws/ordances for firearms within their limits.

    As the saying goes... what is "legal" today is "illegal" tomorrow and vise versa.

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    NJum into the action to support OC rights:

    I attendend the last meeting of the GCLA here in the STL area. They discussed their 2A priorities for 2012.
    Public transit and College campus were on the list.
    They asked for suggestions from the "membership".
    I suggested "pre-emption" for open carry.
    The BOD shot it down immediate and point blank!

    I suppose some of the pro-2A groups don't even know what 2A rights are about.
    January 14th is the BOD meeting for MSSA, I'm going!

    We in the open carry community need to contact our legislators and ask them to support a bill for "pre-emption" of open carry rights.
    We are not going to get help from the "pro-2A" organiztions.

    These and other groups have a lobbyist in Jefferson City. I don't see "our" interests being pushed by him

    This is the link to the Missouri House of Representatives:
    There you can find a link to find you House Representative and a "link" to the Missouri Senate to find your State Senator.

    St. louis will host the annual NRA convention in April, probably the largest convention in Missouri this year! WE have a governor who has signed pro-2A bills.
    And we have a veto-proof 2A Majority in the House and senate.

    Pre-emption and even constitutional carry may be within our grasp and another opportunity may never be had again!

    Go to the web site, contact your legislator, tell them you want to see a bill to become law supporting your 2nd amendment rights of carrying a firearm without having to pay for a"right which shall not be infringed", you want a right to carry a firearm without "local governements" making a decision that over rides Art. 1 Sec. 23 of the Missouri Constitution, the right ot keep and bear arms.

    This can be our year, you can make it happen!
    If you don't, who will? The opportunity will be lost.

    If you pull it, you use it. If you pull it and you don't use it, you've done some thing wrong and you might not get another chance. Think about it before you pack it!
    I worked 24/7 for 2A OC rights! Don't like what I did? Try it yourself, it was my full time job!
    Certified NRA Range Safety Officer - RSO

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