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Thread: Good Gunsmith?

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    Good Gunsmith?

    I'd like to have a good trigger job done on my 1911, and a sight adjustment on my Sig 2022. I'm wary of going to a Gander Mountain. Google searches aren't coming up with much except for L&J Gunsmithing in Greensboro. Are there any other good gunsmiths near Winston Salem? Has anyone done business with L&J and can give me a quick review?
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    If you want ANY custom work on a 1911, I can recommend, without hesitation, Wayne Novak in Parkersburg, WV. He has an FFL, so you can ship directly to him, and he can ship it directly back to your residence legally under NC law.

    His shop is one of the best 1911 custom shops East of the Mississippi, his prices are reasonable and his turnaround time is quick.

    As for custom work on a Sig, I don't know much about that. I'd suggest using a Sig-certified armorer though, because the Sigs are pretty tight-tolerance guns and you don't want just any hack machinist with a Dremel going at our Sig internals...
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    The Gun Vault in High Point has a great gunsmith. My brother has a gun up there now for some work and I have had my Glock up there and my dads Sig. He is busy though, and expect anywhere from 1-3 weeks for it to get back, maybe a little longer if he is really backed up. Mark is the Gunsmith, great guy, everyone at The Gun Vault is great.

    Just take I40 to 311 all the way to high point. If your ok letting him have it for a couple weeks its worth the wait for the job he does, at least thats been my experience.

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    This guy is in Mebane and did a good job for a fair price on my 1911.

    I think most semi-competent smiths should be able to handle such a common task.
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