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Thread: I picked up a new gun

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    I picked up a new gun

    So I decided I needed a new gun 2 days ago. I loaded up the wife and kids to go check out some new stuff. I usually avoid pawn shops but for some reason I decided to cruise over to one in aurora called people's pawn. We all go in and I head for the guns and i seen one I just fell in love with before I even had him pull it out of the glass case. He pulled it out and it's like it was made for my hand. It was $400 but of course I had to bargain (its a pawn shop come on lol). I got it for $350. It is a smith & Wesson model 410 .40 cal. I read some reviews on the smartphone before I bought it and I just had to get it! The manager was a real friendly fella, probably the most friendly guy I have ever met in a pawn shop. My background check cleared in 5 minutes he took my money and I was on my way to get a holster. I went to the firing line in aurora and they of course tried to sell me a hundred dollar holster and i found one for twenty bucks. I've owned every caliber except a 45 and a 40(until now). And my wife has gotten my old cz70. 32acp that she open carries too.

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    Congrats! Love getting new guns myself.
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